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Wedding Transport: A Hire Company’s Advice

Browsing lots of luxurious rides can be one of the most exciting parts of planning your wedding. But don’t forget there are practical considerations too.

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Wedding car hire – What to keep in mind

Booking a wedding car is pretty simple, by wedding standards. But you’ll still need to give it some thought. Here are some things to consider as you browse.

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Unprofessional vendors: a customer-service announcement

We’ve heard all about ‘bridezillas’. But what if the shoe’s on the other foot? This week a ‘bad vendor’ case in the national press raises an important reminder for all our wedding vendors out there.

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Our top 5 non-church wedding venues in the UK

Church weddings can be great, but the UK has some amazing wedding venues that can make for a truly unique day. Here’s a rundown of our 5 favourites.

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6 ways to get the best out of your wedding vendors

How you interact with your wedding vendors can help or hinder their work. So it’s worth thinking about the best ways to help them help you.

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Popup judgement: do wedding photographers need to be fed?

Brides magazine got some Twitter hate this month after saying wedding photographers don’t need to be fed. So let’s grab our wigs and hammers and make a judgement.

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