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Are engagement rings a scam?

The ‘long held tradition’ of engagement rings is actually a product of modern marketing to make huge profits. But does that automatically make it a con?

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Wedding party: What should you pay for?

Outfits, transport, hotels; being a bridesmaid or groomsman’s exciting, but not cheap. So here’s a list of what you should pay for as a wedding party member

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Wedding etiquette for parents – the do’s and don’ts

Wedding traditions aren’t so rigid nowadays. For parents, it’s hard to know what your role is. So here’s a parental guide on navigating a modern-day wedding

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Weddings abroad: local traditions

Hear some great advice from couples who have got, or are getting, married abroad, and how they incorporated local traditions into their destination wedding.

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Wedding day duties: Fathers of the Bride and Groom

The father of the bride usually has very different duties to the father of the groom. Let’s have a look at how and why there’s such a difference.

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5 ways mothers of the bride and groom duties have changed

In the modern-day wedding, tradition tends to take a back seat. But how does this affect the traditional duties of the mothers of the bride and groom?

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