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‘No ring, no bring’ wedding rule – Pros & cons

The ‘no ring, no bring’ wedding rule was good enough for Pippa Middleton. But does it suggest relationships are only valid if they’re sealed with marriage?

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Elopement: handling emotions and wording invitations

How do you handle the backlash of emotions that come with eloping? And how do you word the invitations to a post-elopement celebration? We reveal all.

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Love, factually: how long should you date before getting engaged?

There’s tons of research into marriage, but can we use it to look at love factually? And can it suggest how long we should date before getting engaged?

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Top 5 games to play at your wedding reception

Spice up your wedding reception with some fun games. You need to make them properly fun though. And a bit mischievous. Here are our top 5 suggestions.

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Losing sight of what it’s all about

You’ve got invites to send, a food tasting session to attend, a dress-fitting, and a Hen/Stag do. You’re over budget, out of time and the stress is mounting as the days are counting down to the biggest day of your life. Some people thrive on this sort of pressure, others crumble, but whether you’re powering on or having mild panic attacks every five minutes, it’s important to take a minute to breath, and remember, if only for a moment, what you’re doing this for. Here’s a hint, if the word “love” didn’t just pop up in your brain, you may want to reprioritise.

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Honeymoon with kids

Deciding whether or not to take your kids on your honeymoon takes a huge amount of thought and defines who you are as a parent and as a person. Right?

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