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Engagement party: 6 need-to-knows about planning one

An engagement party isn’t compulsory. But if you like celebrating, it’s a nice way to hype up your wedding. So here are six things you need to know about planning an engagement party.

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Engagement rings: Should men wear them?

Men wearing engagement rings is pretty rare, but it’s gradually becoming less so. Is this just a fad we should do away with? Or is there some merit to it?

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Planning the perfect engagement trip away

Thinking of popping the question while on holiday? Creating the perfect moment can be tricky to do from afar, so here we come to the rescue, with a few tips for planning the perfect engagement break, so you can create the trip of a lifetime and ensure she (or he!) remembers the proposal for all the right reasons.

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Love, factually: how long should you date before getting engaged?

There’s tons of research into marriage, but can we use it to look at love factually? And can it suggest how long we should date before getting engaged?

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How are the wedding plans? โ€“ how to answer the same question hundreds of times

“How are the wedding plans going?” is the most common question asked of nearlyweds. Here’s how to answer it, time after time, without pulling your hair out.

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Surprise wedding proposals: organising your wedding before you propose(?!)

Our friend Michael organised his wedding in secret and then proposed just a couple of months before the big day. An insanely risky strategy, right? Well…

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