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Weddings are complicated. So here at Popup Weddings our writers are tasked to dispel myths, give advice or just generally help you unpick the complexity.

Unique Wedding Destinations in Australasia (6/6)

This entry is part 6 of 6 in the series Unique wedding destinations

Australia is a funny place. Famous for dangerous animals and big spiders, Australia still receives a hefty sum of tourists on a yearly basis. And in fairness, once you arrive, it isn’t altogether surprising. Australia is like a home away from home. Everyone’s speaks English, the customs are largely the same and the weather, although not quite as good as everyone tends to make out, is still better than home. The best thing about Australia? The stunning views and insane biodiversity, of course.

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Keeping focused and not overspending

The world is full of wedding inspiration. Whether you’re browsing through table decor photos on Pinterest, or you’re cruising notonthehighstreet’s perfect finishing touches, it’s easy to get carried away. The only problem is, once you start looking into all these irresistible extras, the cost can start to spiral. Read on for our tried and tested tips from brides and grooms to help keep your budget intact and avoid the dreaded overspend.

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Unique Wedding Destinations in South America (5/6)

This entry is part 5 of 6 in the series Unique wedding destinations

If there is one continent on the planet that muscles out Asia as the darkest and most mysterious, it has to be South America. We all hear stories about bad South America can be, but what we don’t hear is just how beautiful and romantic it is. With Latino passion and unexpected beauty at every turn, South America is pushing the boundaries of exceptional and extreme wedding locations.

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A Day Of the Dead Wedding Theme

Forget Halloween themes, if you’re getting married at this time of year and you want to channel the spirit of the season, look to the Day of the Dead holiday for some inspiration. Originating from Mexico, this colourful, feel-good festival has the perfect uplifting vibe to capture for your special day.

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