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The 8 Best Bridal Shower Games To Play At Your Hen Do

by | 13 August 2018 | Hen & Stag

Planning games for your Hen do or bridal shower is a great way for your nearest and dearest to break the ice and get to know each other. But what are the best family-friendly games to play to cater for all ages, from your ten-year-old niece to your 80-year-old Gran? Get ready because this is your ultimate bridal shower game guide.

1. Gossip Girls

What’s the gist: A great ice breaker, this one is like a live detective game.

How to prepare: On small index cards, write lots of different questions related to the bride-to-be. The questions can be as sensible or as risqué as you like. Here are a few examples: ‘What primary school did the bride-to-be go to?’, ‘What year did the happy couple go on holiday to [destination]? or ‘Who was the bride-to-be’s first kiss?’

How to play: On arrival, give guests a question card that they won’t know the answer to. (This might require some pre-planning.) Then explain that they have to chat with the other people at the party in order to find the answer. This game works best if you set a time limit, say 30 minutes.

2. The Newlywed Game

What’s the gist: In the hot seat, the bride has to answer questions about the person she’s marrying.

How to prepare: Before the party, interview the bride-to-be’s partner with the questions you plan to ask at the shower. Questions like ‘Where was your first kiss?’, ‘What’s the first thing she does in the morning?’ and ‘What’s her most-used phrase?’ work really well.

How to play: At the party, set up a hot seat for the bride-to-be to sit in and ask her the questions her partner previously answered. To really add to the fun, take a video of your interview with her partner and then play the answers back one by one to compare. This game is a real crowd-pleaser!

3. Handbag Raid

What’s the gist: With your handbag as your bag of treasures, the host will call out typical and random items found in a purse. If you have it in your bag, reveal it as fast as you can to win a spot prize.

How to prepare: Come up with a list of typical and random items people might have in their handbags: think credit cards, keys and lipstick/lip gloss on the standard end of the scale, and pet treats, clothes pegs and crayons on the more random end of the scale. You’ll also need to get prizes. Things like chocolates, trinkets or coffee vouchers are sure-fire successes.

How to play: Get the host to call out the items on the list. The first guest to pull the object from their bag wins a prize. And for a more modern take on the game, swap handbags for phones. With a list of random words instead of items, guests have to search their photos or recent social media posts to win a prize.

4. Fashion Through The Years

What’s the gist: With a noticeboard displaying wedding fashion throughout the years, guests have to guess when the trend was ‘in’. This game is great for all age groups.

How to prepare: Print or cut out pictures of wedding dresses and bridal fashion throughout history. Pin them to a noticeboard and number them. Make sure you keep a note of the answers.

How to play: Give guests a piece of paper to write their answers on and a time limit – 5 minutes works well. Let them know they’re guessing the year of the trend, not the decade, then start the stopwatch. When the time is up, read out the answers.

5. Bridal Pictionary

What’s the gist: In teams, each person has to draw the wedding-themed word or phrase that they draw at random. Their team then has to guess what it is.

How to prepare: On index cards, write different wedding-related words or phrases, like ‘first dance’, ‘slip down the aisle’ or ‘always a bridesmaid, never a bride’. Put the cards into a bowl or hat. You’ll also need one whiteboard or easel per team, plus pens.

How to play: Depending on the size of the group, divide people into teams of 4–6 people. Each team member takes it in turns to pull a phrase from the bowl and draw it against the clock. The rest of their team has to guess what it is, and the team who get five correct answers first wins.

6. Ring Treasure Hunt

What’s the gist: The perfect game for shy people, this one is a leisurely treasure hunt that lasts the duration of the party.

How to prepare: Before guests arrive, place fake toy diamond rings in random places around the house or venue. It’s up to you how tricky you make the hiding places.

How to play: When all the guests have arrived, tell them that you’ve hidden rings randomly around the place and that they have to collect them throughout the party and wear them on their fingers. At the end of the party, the most blinged-out guest wins.

7. Don’t Say ‘Bride’

What’s the gist: Guests are given a ‘precious item’ on arrival and told not to say the word ‘bride’ for the whole of the party. If they break the rule and get caught out, they lose their precious.

How to prepare: Decide what item you want to give guests (clothes peg/plastic ring/hair clip/badge) and make sure you have enough for one for each person.

How to play: On arrival, hand guests their precious item and tell them that they must not say ‘bride’. Explain that if they do and someone spots it, they must forfeit their ring to that person. And vice versa. At the end of the party, the person with the highest number of precious items wins. And if you want to change the buzzword, make sure it’s a commonly-used, wedding-related word.

Where The Wedding Ring Put Inspirational Bridal Shower Games Ring Game Sign Don t Say

Where The Wedding Ring Put Inspirational Bridal Shower Games Ring Game Sign Don t Say

8. Guess how old

What’s the gist: Guests have to guess what age the bride-to-be was in photos displayed on a noticeboard.

How to prepare: Print out photos of the bride-to-be over the years (you might have to get baby photos from her parents and rally close friends for the more embarrassing snaps). Pin them on a board with a number next to them.

How to play: On a piece of paper, guests have to guess how old the bride-to-be was in each of the photos. The person with the most correct answers wins.

And there you have it; eight really fun, family-friendly games to play at your Hen do or bridal shower. If you’ve
 got any game recommendations you’d like to share with the Popup Weddings’ community, stick them in the comments box below.

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