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Summer Skin Care Tips

by | 28 May 2018 | Hair & Beauty

As we all run to lap up the sunshine it’s time to start thinking about your summer skincare routine, especially if you’re getting married or going to a wedding this season. Just like your wardrobe, your skincare regime should change with the seasons, and after particularly long, cold winter, it’s time to start prepping for that healthy summer glow. Here are a few tips to help you achieve that sunshine radiance for your big day and beyond.

Sun protection

However much you love the sun it is damaging your skin; it’s one of the main causes of premature ageing. Protect yourself daily by using makeup with built-in sun protection, and get a sunscreen designed for the face for warm weather and holidays. Pick a lightweight formula to avoid congesting your skin and to protect from breakouts.

Exfoliate away

Exfoliation in the summer is a must. Whether you’re seeking the sunshine or the shade, the rays will soon dry out your skin cells, but you can keep them radiant and fresh with a good facial scrub. Pick a product that you can work into dry skin before rinsing for optimum results.

Cleanse cleanse cleanse

The humid summer air can leave your skin feeling even more clogged than usual, so make sure you cleanse that face morning and evening. Use a good cleansing wash or lotion to remove makeup at the end of the day and try a gentle micellar water in the morning.

Keep moisturising

It’s tempting during the summer months to ditch the moisturiser, but your skin still needs it. Think of your rich moisture heavy creams the same was you do your knitwear, swap them out in the summer for something lighter. Lightweight lotions and gels are the perfect choice for summer moisture, they let your skin breathe while keeping that fresh feel.

Luscious lips

Summer can be as damaging to your pout as winter, with the sunshine drying out your skin. Use a rich lip balm with SPF and make sure you’re wearing it whenever you’re outside. A lip scrub is a great idea to soften your skin and remove any dead cells.

H2O to the rescue

Now we all know that we should be drinking our eight glasses a day, this is especially important when it comes to good skin. It’ll help your complexion and brighten your face, but you do need to make sure you up your intake during the summer months.

Thirst quenching

Just like your body, your skin gets dehydrated in the summer. Keep up the hydration with moisturising masks and treatments, or use a face mist to keep cool in the sunshine and create that luminous beach babe glow. Choose one with antioxidants and cooling ingredients if you’re working on your tan at the beach, or even if you’re just in need of some extra beauty points on the honeymoon…

Summer makeup

With hot temperatures, balmy air and sunshine all going against our perfectly made up summer faces, it’s time to look to some specifically designed makeup products to keep your face in place. You can find plenty of sunshine ready products to perfect that beach look whether you’re on the sands or at home dreaming of them…

Fake it

If you want the golden glow without the tanning time, just fake it. There are some great products on the shelf so you can definitely avoid that notorious orange glow and create something natural. Remember to exfoliate before any application, be careful around your joints as they tend to soak up more product, and for god’s sake scrub the palms of your hands afterwards or use gloves to apply!


Have you got any secret tips for the perfect summer skin? Share them with us in the comments box below.

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