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Honeymoon destinations to visit before they disappear

by | 16 April 2018 | Honeymoons & Travel

Honeymoons are all about creating those once in a lifetime moments, and how better to do that than by visiting somewhere that might not be around for much longer? As we’re starting to see the effects of climate change, some of the world’s most beautiful destinations are changing, even disappearing, so we’ve curated a list of some of the most time precious spots that need to be enjoyed now. Make your honeymoon something to remember with our top five bucket list places to see.

The Great Barrier Reef

The snorkelling and scuba diving sights along The Great Barrier Reef are legendary. But the reef and its captivating creatures have been affected by climate change. It has been said that half of the coral has been lost since 1985, so now might be the time to see this fascinating underwater ecosystem while it’s still flourishing.

The Galápagos Islands

Without The Galápagos Islands, there might have been no Charles Darwin, but the world might be without The Galápagos Islands as we know them in the future. Thousands of tourists visit these fiercely protected shores each year, observing some of the most diverse species on the planet. But the island’s delicate ecosystem is suffering, with some animals now facing extinction. Go and see the tortoises, penguins and iguanas in this spectacular unique landscape.

The Maldives

The Maldives has long been a honeymoon hotspot. Its pristine white sandy beaches, jewel-toned seas and exotic lush rainforests make it a dream destination. But being one of the lowest lying archipelagos in the world, it will suffer from the rising sea level. Go and feel the powdery sand between your toes while you still can.


We’ve all heard that Venice is sinking. It’s not actually due to climate change, but rather the structural woes that come with building an entire city on the water. That said, increasing water levels and freak weather aren’t helping. Head here to enjoy gondola rides and sunset cruises between pastel houses and grand palaces.

The Dead Sea

Ever floated on the Dead Sea? Now is the time to do it, because this famed sea has already decreased by a third. High in salt and said to have healing properties, the Dead Sea is suffering as bordering countries continue to drain its major water source, the Jordan River. From the lush garden of Eden-like Ein Gedi, to the lunar-like Judean Desert, visiting The Dead Sea is an unforgettable experience.

Image courtesy of Niv Shimshon Photography

Image courtesy of Niv Shimshon Photography

Have you been to any of the must-see destinations on our list? Will you be adding any to your bucket list to visit before they go? Let us know what you think in the comments box below

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