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Our top 5 places to find your wedding inspiration

by | 16 July 2016 | Inspiration

When it comes to weddings, inspiration really is everywhere. Blogs, magazines, Pinterest boards… seriously, the amount of ivory and pink wedding-related stuff out there can be overwhelming. Especially if you haven’t got the foggiest idea of what you want your big day to be like… yet.

But try not to panic. We’re here to highlight some of the best places to find your wedding inspiration, and why they are (and sometimes aren’t) useful. And if you need a wedding prep checklist, we’ve got a blog series dedicated to it.

1. Wedding fairs

If you have no idea of how you want to get married, wedding fairs are a great place to start. Just think; an event hall full of local vendors taking you through their products and services (and giving you free tasters along the way). Wedding fairs are an efficient way to browse pretty much the whole wedding landscape in one day.

They’re also good for giving you a more realistic idea of what’s available, how much things cost and how long they take to come to fruition – which is a good reminder that weddings are as much about heart as they are about head (aka budget). Plus it’s a fun way to spend a day with your partner, mum or bridal party.

But if crowds aren’t your thing, or you’re easily overwhelmed, a wedding fair might not be the best way to browse. Instead, try the next source of inspiration…

A woman arranges her marriage with a draft project

2. Wedding blogs

Another great introduction to the wedding world is via one of the hundreds of wedding blogs online. After a quick Google, you’ll see that there’s a whole mix to choose from.

At the bigger end of the scale, you’ve got the pro-looking blogs that are practically wedding mags online. There are also blogs solely dedicated to helping you find your wedding inspiration, which is always handy. (Think gorgeous imagery and lots of mood-board-type inserts.)

Then at the smaller end of the scale you’ll quite often find blogs created by people who’ve recently got married and wanted to share their experiences.

All of them are useful in their own way – you’ve just got to find the ones that suit you. And because they’re online if, after the first paragraph it’s not for you, just close the window and click on the next one. Ahh, the joys of the internet.

3. Bridal magazines

Depending on how much time you’ve got before your big day, bridal magazines can be the regular dose of inspiration to keep your enthusiasm ticking along.

And they’re not hard to come by. I can’t find the official number of UK wedding magazines printed each month, but if I was to guess, I’d say at least 50. Just go into your local newsagents and have a rummage – there are A LOT!

Some have in-depth articles with celebrities, designers or key figures in the wedding world; others have short and sweet features about regular people. Some are packed with stylish, expensive ideas, while others focus on affordable or DIY concepts. One thing they all have in common is pages and pages of adverts.

But don’t let that put you off. When you find a bridal mag you like, get one and have it on your coffee table at home or as your commute read. You’ll soon realise they’re great at getting you excited about your wedding, especially when you’re in the depths of planning.

On the downside, bridal magazines can be an unnecessary monthly expense – especially when you’re saving for a wedding. So borrow them from your local library. Or, if your friends are looking to get you an engagement present, why not suggest a six or twelve-month subscription?

Stack of wedding magazines shaped into a heart

4. People you know who’ve recently got married

Before assuming that I’m suggesting you copy your best friend’s colour schemes and centrepieces, I’m not. I’m encouraging you to use your experiences of going to weddings as inspiration for your own.

Think about it: when you’re at a wedding, how many of you naturally critique what did and didn’t work about the whole thing? Exactly – we all do it. But it’s not a malicious thing. It’s those critiques that will inspire the style, logistics and running order of your own celebration. Just think of your friends as being your trailblazers.

5. Pinterest (approach with caution)

Everyone knows Pinterest boards are a place to house virtual wishes; wishes that rarely ever come true. But sometimes finding inspiration is about letting loose and dreaming. So I can’t NOT put it on my list of places to find wedding inspiration.

But what I will say is approach Pinterest with caution – it’s a sure-fire way to blow your wedding budget as it encourages you to leave your head in the gutter and lead with your heart, which is one of a few wedding budget pitfalls.

So there you have it – the top five places to find your wedding inspiration. Some of the sources are better as idea generators at the start of the planning process; while others are regular energy boosters you’ll need along the way (because, trust us, planning a wedding isn’t always a bed of roses).

Got any others to add to our list (after all, inspiration really does come from anywhere)? Let us know in the comments box below.

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